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What if there were a prepaid card everyone could use, with the world class benefits of an ultra elite credit card and more?

Meet the Exclusive Ztegrity Club Mastercard!

The only World Class Elite Prepaid Rewards Card of its Kind ...

You should be Rewarded as a Card-Holder

(do you use credit or debit? - does your card pay you? - would you like to see one that does?)

The typical prepaid card was designed for people who may not qualify for a traditional credit card and the fees charged to those card-holders often reflect that.

Prepaid cards have proven to be useful with ALL types of consumers, while the card industry has not changed to support a more progressive base of clientele.

Our Ztegrity Card is different and provides card-holders with world class elite rewards, that surpass even the most prestigious cards on the market today.

Channing Macfadden

What you'll get with our Model ...

Live Traffic

Quality targeted traffic is easy - just follow our step by step blueprint of established proven success.

A Profit System

Enjoy customer friendly web based systems, in addition to Personal Consultation and Support.

Real-Time Customers

We help you grow your mobile audience on virtual auto-pilot and you get PAID to do it.

Actual Sales!

Instant access to a responsive audience of qualified buyers, sellers and marketers!

Want something Better? You deserve this Card!

  • Lowest Industry Fees - No Credit Check, Point of Sale, Monthly, Service or Load fees.
  • Save Money - No ATM or Transfer fees - No Bill Payment or Inquiry fees.
  • Merchants and Vendors - Merchant/Vendor Direct Deposit, Credit Repair and More.
  • Massive Market - There is a new Debit Card Issued every 5 Seconds in the US (3,456/Day).
  • Simple, Safe and Secure - 66% of Americans Surveyed Prefer Debit for Simplicity and Management.
  • Ease of Use - 55% of Americans Surveyed Prefer Debit because of ATM Access. Join our Team today!

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